Ankoder pitch at Barcamp Sydney

Rex Chung at Barcamp

Barcamp 3 just finished last weekend. I met some interesting people there and it was a relaxed environment to discuss ideas. The speed networking introduced this time was definitely useful to meet a lot of people quickly. I think it can be an idea to organise that regularly similar to speed dating events. I did a demo of Ankoder on Sunday at the entrepreneur’s track. It got quite a good response and I ran out of business cards. There’s definitely alot of videos lying around and people need to do something about them.

Another cool thing was meraki – Free Australia Wifi. It is very similar to FON, which was introduced in HK in 2006. Basically it is hoping to setup free wifi mesh with everyone sharing their own internet connection. Although I have a 3G modem now, it’ll still be good for my iphone if there’s free wifi 🙂


"2012 Doomsday" the _worst_ movie ever!

I hate Christian propagandas! Even “I am legend” is little like that in the end, but this is just way too lame.
Here’s the most stupid line I’ve ever heard that is near the beginning of the movie.

“The earth’s rotation is slowing, due to the solar system’s alignment with the black hole in the center of the galaxy”
“I don’t know what’s causing it but our calculations tells us this is the only theory that makes any sense”

MY.. GOD.. that sounds like George Bush was behind the script writing.

Hottest topic in HK this Chinese New Year – Edison/Cecilia/Gillian scandal

This was the most talked about topic since the Bus Uncle 巴士阿叔 on youtube. My mum’s friends were asking me about this at yum cha. People are discussing the size of his p*nis in the office. It’s made its way to the international media, CNN.

Sorry I don’t have any pictures for you to download, but you may find the full timeline from this blog and related links.

Apparently, the person that is releasing these photos calls himself ‘Kira’, which came from the popular Japanese Anime “Death Note”. Where Kira is a guy that has control over people death by writing the person’s name down in the notebook.

Choosing the president by their website.

Interesting analysis of the candidate websites on ajaxian just by the javascript library they used. Obama and Hillary are clearly in the mainstream with high quality websites.

Barack Obama

Barack is trying to be inclusive by weilding Prototype, Scriptaculous, and jQuery in the same page. This is a risky approach as it adds weight, and could pit the rivals against each other.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary has also gone for Prototype and is using Ben Nolan’s Behaviour library to add JavaScript unobtrusively, and is wrapping her Flash with SWFObject.

John McCain

This is a bit of a party foul. A view source on McCain’s website shows you Dreamweaver all over. There are more MM_* functions than you can swing a monkey at.

These campaign websites are of very high quality. If compared to the last HK chief executive campaign websites, I would be embarassed. This maybe partly due to the amount of investment the Americans put into their campaign, but I’d love to see this level of quality in HK websites one day.

My macbook battery dies exactly after 14month!

busted battery!

I have no idea how this happened. One day I put my macbook in my bag as usual and this is what happened after I took it out. I’m surprised how it even exploded somehow and conveniently dies after 14months from purchase. The battery still has about 50% capacity on its own, but the power indicator doesnt display properly, so it’s hard to tell if it’ll suddenly shut down.