Google Wave users are socialising in Hong Kong

google wave

I was invited by Vinko to join a Wave conversation with “all” of the, 50 (that we know of) Google Wave users located in Hong Kong. It turned out to be a massive wave with blips and stuff. Most people, including myself, probably doesn’t know how to best use it. Honestly, I find it pretty slow and not easy to use. To me, it feels like an improved version of real time forum. In fact, I think Tangler actually had a good attempt at this. If you strip away the Wave philosophies and compare the application features, there aren’t really much breakthrough.

If you are wondering, I still cannot send out invites yet. But HK Wave users are forming groups and socialising on Facebook. You may be able to find some invites there 🙂

Hong Kong Wave Users Facebook Group:

Google Wave Hong Kong User Group

Google Wave Hong Kong User Group


Very cool Bruce Lee viral advertisement from Nokia

RoRCraft - ruby ninjas

Bruce Lee has always been an idol for many young man all over the world, I’m one of them. These videos from Nokia certainly are cool enough for me to forward around. We’ve also adopted Bruce Lee as our little ad to represent our kungfu perfectionist approach to ruby web development. “Martial Arts is a way to truly express one self” – Bruce Lee. “Be water my friend” 🙂

Why did RoRCraft choose Hangzhou?

This is a good answer. 5th consecutive year ranked top from Forbes’ best places to do business in China list.

Taking from their 2005 report:

The thriving eastern China city of Hangzhou’s lush hills and scenic lake plus a pro-growth business environment put it atop FORBES CHINA’s rankings of the country’s best places to do business for the second year in a row. The capital of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is home to Internet firms including Alibaba, which just landed a billion-dollar-plus investment from Yahoo for a 40% stake. Several key players in China’s thriving textile trade are based there as well.

The other top places are also surrounding Hangzhou: Shanghai, Wuxie, Nanjing, Ningbo, Beijing.