A month of networking.

Business cards exchanged

In the past two weeks, I managed to replace my new box of business cards with other people’s business cards. I guess it goes to show how much networking I’ve been doing. I’m loving every part of it. Having met some extraordinary people, they have totally given me new inspiration and energy to keep improving.

I managed to travel to Taipei and Shanghai to get a view of the current trends and see what can a young hkie guy can learn and take something back to HK. I had very mixed feelings about each cities and about where I stand in each of them.

In HK, I felt like the general public are focusing on the smallest issues that aren’t really helpful to push HK forward. Everyday you hear about the Hang Seng Index going up and down. Everyone next to you would ask “is this a good time to buy HSBC?” The government is not very capable, slow reactions and short sighted. Everyday, people are worried about being poisoned from China produce. The media discusses whether the behaviour of some law members are appropriate instead of discussing the real problems. All of these, I think we’re wasting alot of time and opportunities. HK people should embrace China, but I think we’re still quite far from that. Deep in HK people’s heart, they still rather not deal with Chinese if they don’t have to. Because of this, I feel like building a startup and embracing China is already a major leap from most competition.

In Taiwan, I feel like it is already a fact that they can’t survive without China. Most people have already gone to work in China since their native language and culture is more or less the same. Taipei has given me a very empty feeling. I feel all the young talent have left the country. HK is lucky to be able to benefit from China, keeping a close relationship while still having the freedom of speech and the mix of international companies.

In Shanghai, I feel like I’m already here too late. Things are happening quickly and they have always been the center of the country. There’s alot of expats that have been here much longer than me and can speak better mandarin than me. I’m already late to this game, but I think there’s still alot of room and still at its early stages. The scale of things in China is just amazing. Even though HK and Taiwan is so close to China, most people doesn’t feel that they’re part of the Country. Simply because the buildings and city planning haven’t had that enormous view of the mainland. The main rail stations in China are just bigger than anything.

There’s definitely some advantages in each place and definitely need to work together to make it work. I can’t see either of them can do it alone. As always, time will tell, but I hope I can connect some people together drive it in the right direction.


Free city broadband quietly shelved

I knew this would have never happened, you just can’t rely on government, especially NSW Labour! I was proud to tell people in HK back in late 2006 that Sydney will get free wifi by 2009. Not anymore! I almost missed this news as well on smh “Free city broadband quietly shelved on day of boating crash” Luckily, I got a ‘three’ mobile broadband in Dec 07 and it has been working well so far. Although it seems to have stale connection after 1.5 hrs or so. I almost wanted to wait for NSW gov to roll out the free wifi. Although HK government isnt exactly as trustworthy, but soon after announcement of the program, there’s already proper website and information about the program.

On the topic of NSW government, I’m really sickened by what they’re doing with the Lane Cove tunnel and Epping Road. How stupid would it be to spend more money narrowing the road from 2 to 1 lanes and dedicating a 24 hr T2 lane on the freeway. It is bad enough for the government to waste money, it is just unacceptable to waste money to make life worse than before.

(L)CHINA campaign

If you have some Chinese friends on you MSN list, you’ll probably see this in front of their names. Due to the recent false reporting from the western media, the young Chinese netizens have started a campaign to show their patrioticism for China. If you’re a westerner, you might feel a little overwhelmed by this. However, in my opinion, this is no where near as violent as the riots by the Tibetans or the false media propaganda.

Love China

Should we bother with watching news anymore?

I read this small article in a chinese newspaper while having a drink at a cafe today. It talked about there’s a conspiracy theory behind the whole tibet riots thats been happening lately. It really seems like someone has orchestrated this as an excuse to stir up anti China messages. If you don’t know what happened in tibet, check this site out. If you happen to know , still check it out. http://www.anti-cnn.com/

There are just far too many instances of biased reports and manipulation of images. I know these things have been happening with the whole Iraq war, Israel vs Palestine. This is certainly another level of attack on China using the media. We all know how naive some Americans can be, if you have seen this video.
C’mon CNN, stop lying.