Last 6 Months = 200% on Ankoder.

Well I’m proud to announce that Ankoder is launched. I can finally say that it is working as I wished it had. It was 200% on Ankoder because we completed 1 yr’s work in 6 months.
Life as an entrepreneur is tough. There’s been so many difficult decision making, emotional roller coaster and long working hours. It was a journey and lesson both physically and emotionally.

Anyhow, with the help of some smart interns, we managed to pack alot of cool features into Ankoder. There’s multiple thumbnails, watermarking, segmented files for HTTP streaming, FTP/SCP by public key. Of course the most exciting part if the automatic scaling. This was a tougher problem than we originally thought. Scaling transcoding servers is not a matter of starting servers as job comes in. We needed to predict whether it is worth starting new servers, (as well as terminating running servers). First we need to estimate how long it would take to complete current running jobs. Then we estimate time required to process jobs in the queue. We have a formula for each type of video codec and therefore we can ensure a maximum queue time for any jobs we receive.

So that is what our unique technology, despite the SERAP panel thinking otherwise. Now I’m onto promotion, marketing and make deals. I hope I can find more time updating this blog when I can afford it 🙂

For those that don’t know what is Ankoder.

Ankoder is a cloud based video transcoding API enabling companies to easily integrate video functions into their existing web services. With its pay-per-use service, Ankoder keeps you up-to-date with the latest codecs and saves you from developing your own custom encoding solution. Ankoder provides all the ingredients required to get a video site up-and-running quickly, easily and successfully while ensuring that it will scale. Using Amazon’s cloud computing services, it is designed to meet high demand while minimising queue time by automatically processing videos in parallel. Ankoder enables web services providers to focus their time, resources and capital on developing their businesses, not on creating video encoding infrastructure. Visit

I’m back in Sydney now and will be exhibiting at Web Direction South 09. See you there.