Hong Kong Ruby on Rails User Group for 2009

Hong Kong Ruby on Rails User Group

HK ROR user group deserves some long waited actions. I think there’s enough critical mass in Hong Kong now, and there’s definitely a community. The old google group was disappeared without much given reasons, but we’ve formed a new one. http://groups.google.com/group/hkror

Please sign up again and follow the new blog http://rubyonrailshk.com.

Also let me know if you’d like to help organise or contribute as a speaker in upcoming meetup events.


Hong Kong Web & Tech Meetup Index

I’ve created a new page – Hong Kong Web & Tech Meetup Index. This is my attempt to document all the meetup groups in the web&tech industry. Please feel free to foward any other appriopriate ones I have missed. In no particular order…

Web Wednesday
Ruby on Rails HK
Agile HK
HKSUA – HK Startup Association
Macromedia user group
PHP user group
Linux user group
.net user group
Java user group
Opensource Application Knowledge Association
Interaction Design Association
iPhone User Group
mobile monday
HKU mac user group
PUMB – Palm User Message Board
hk bloggers group
Wikimedia HK