So many events on November 15 weekend.

Nov 15, seems to be a popular date for conferences. I will probably be going to “The Big Question” in Taiwan Taipei. Since we’re building a social network site for them. It’ll be good to see how much Taiwan has changed since the last time was there as a kid in 1988. Since the election of President Ma, the China-Taiwan relationship has gotten closer and more open. There’s certainly alot of potential between the two but its also a threat to Hong Kong as a middleman. I hope to find some insight for myself.

The Big Question

These are the other event’s going on at the same time:
HK Ruby on Rails users meetup
HK Startup Association
Rails Camp Australia in Adelaide.
Barcamp Sydney


One thought on “So many events on November 15 weekend.

  1. Dear Rex:

    Thank you for joining us for the launch of the Big Question in Taipei. I also enjoy our short exchange at the Nonzero restaurant. I think you are right on to engage yourself with Taiwan’s like minded people and go beyond being a middleman between China and Taiwan. Hong Kong has so much to offer: the free spirit, the discipline, the no nonsense approach in business, above all, the critical mind.

    Jason and Keli are two fine young people who took the risk to chase their dream. Let’s see how we can participate in their journey. Believing is seeing.

    Be the change,

    Ping Chu
    Your peer in Taiwan

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