Back from honeymoon.


I’m back from my long honeymoon and wedding reception world tour. Actually I was back two weeks ago, I’ve just got back on track with my emails and blogging. Taking 6 weeks away from the internet world is a good break. Happy times are always too short. We had a very fun wedding day. The days leading up to the wedding were _stressful_, I’m sure anyone that has gone through the same deal would understand. Thank you to all the friends and family, everyone has been very helpful with our wedding. Everything went pretty smoothly despite the roller coaster weather.

We had two receptions after Sydney, one in HK and one in Manila. We had alot of Chinese banquets! First stop was Hong Kong, then Japan for 2 weeks and Philippines for 1.5 weeks. We took about 30gb worth of videos…. I’m still processing those 🙂 There’s been some interesting (embarassing) experiences.. I would tell you in person.

rex @miyajima



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