Beijing Olympics withdrawal


As you may know I work from home, I’ve actually been able to watch alot of the games this time around. It still feels like its finished in such a short time, maybe because I’ve been so god damn busy. The success of this Olympics has made me very proud of the Chinese as the host nation as well as top country in the gold medal tally. There’s also some new things I’ve learnt from this Olympics.

  • Its very classy watching the Olympics muted with classical music
  • Yao Ming is the best Chinese Basketball player
  • I’m starting to hear metaphors like “The Michael Phelps of rubyfu” just like saying “The Michael Jordan of table tennis”
  • If Australia has the same population as China, they should get 784 gold medals
  • If you liked the artistic beauty of the Opening and Closing ceremonies, directed by Zhang Yimou, you should visit Hangzhou’s Impression Westlake or Yunan’s Impression Lijiang

Here’s some Chingrish humor when I was in Hangzhou:

Tony & Gay

Saw this on ABC’s MediaWatch just last night as well. How poor is the Australia online streaming of the games!? Yahoo7 streams 2hrs out of 24 hrs vs CBC Canada’s website, for example, where you could find live coverage of up to nine events at a time.


The Australian appetite for viewing live streaming has not reached the penetration of the US or Canada.

— Email from Kath Hamilton (General Manager, Media, Yahoo7) to Media Watch, 22nd August, 2008


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