Free city broadband quietly shelved

I knew this would have never happened, you just can’t rely on government, especially NSW Labour! I was proud to tell people in HK back in late 2006 that Sydney will get free wifi by 2009. Not anymore! I almost missed this news as well on smh “Free city broadband quietly shelved on day of boating crash” Luckily, I got a ‘three’ mobile broadband in Dec 07 and it has been working well so far. Although it seems to have stale connection after 1.5 hrs or so. I almost wanted to wait for NSW gov to roll out the free wifi. Although HK government isnt exactly as trustworthy, but soon after announcement of the program, there’s already proper website and information about the program.

On the topic of NSW government, I’m really sickened by what they’re doing with the Lane Cove tunnel and Epping Road. How stupid would it be to spend more money narrowing the road from 2 to 1 lanes and dedicating a 24 hr T2 lane on the freeway. It is bad enough for the government to waste money, it is just unacceptable to waste money to make life worse than before.


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