"2012 Doomsday" the _worst_ movie ever!

I hate Christian propagandas! Even “I am legend” is little like that in the end, but this is just way too lame.
Here’s the most stupid line I’ve ever heard that is near the beginning of the movie.

“The earth’s rotation is slowing, due to the solar system’s alignment with the black hole in the center of the galaxy”
“I don’t know what’s causing it but our calculations tells us this is the only theory that makes any sense”

MY.. GOD.. that sounds like George Bush was behind the script writing.


2 thoughts on “"2012 Doomsday" the _worst_ movie ever!

  1. Better yet, how to stop the apocalypse? By taking a golden crucifix to some Mayan ancient architecture, shove it into a hole, then find some random pregnant woman to give birth on the altar.

    If you ever wanted a good reason to kill yourself, this is it. Trust me, no one would blame you for doing so.

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