Know your plastics

Here’s a pretty good short description of each type of plastics from CNet. Each recycle label on the plastic bottles and containers have a number, and they represent different types of plastics. You should know how these may have health implications and the recyclability of each.



(L)CHINA campaign

If you have some Chinese friends on you MSN list, you’ll probably see this in front of their names. Due to the recent false reporting from the western media, the young Chinese netizens have started a campaign to show their patrioticism for China. If you’re a westerner, you might feel a little overwhelmed by this. However, in my opinion, this is no where near as violent as the riots by the Tibetans or the false media propaganda.

Love China

Capitalism will lead us to death

The recent edition of Time magazine talked about “The clean energy myth”. I’ve wanted to find more research about this topic for a while, I’m glad Time talked about it and I didn’t have to find it on some conspiracy theory forum site. Some people would just believe what they hear from the mainstream media, anything with bio- and eco- are pretty much bound to be environmental friendly. Well if you are one of those, please think twice before you support those products. It maybe just another greedy environmental UNfriendly company behind it.

Here’s a quote from Time magazine “biofuel… it’s dramatically accelerating global warming … Corn ethanol, always environementally suspect, turns out to be environmentally disastrous.” The chain effect of farmers moving to framing biofuel products causing food prices rising and deforestation of rainforest to make way for more land is just the perfect example of capitalism gone bad. The world is seemingly controlled by the few trillionaires, most people in life just don’t have a choice other than following where the money is.


Ankoder pitch at Barcamp Sydney

Rex Chung at Barcamp

Barcamp 3 just finished last weekend. I met some interesting people there and it was a relaxed environment to discuss ideas. The speed networking introduced this time was definitely useful to meet a lot of people quickly. I think it can be an idea to organise that regularly similar to speed dating events. I did a demo of Ankoder on Sunday at the entrepreneur’s track. It got quite a good response and I ran out of business cards. There’s definitely alot of videos lying around and people need to do something about them.

Another cool thing was meraki – Free Australia Wifi. It is very similar to FON, which was introduced in HK in 2006. Basically it is hoping to setup free wifi mesh with everyone sharing their own internet connection. Although I have a 3G modem now, it’ll still be good for my iphone if there’s free wifi 🙂

Should we bother with watching news anymore?

I read this small article in a chinese newspaper while having a drink at a cafe today. It talked about there’s a conspiracy theory behind the whole tibet riots thats been happening lately. It really seems like someone has orchestrated this as an excuse to stir up anti China messages. If you don’t know what happened in tibet, check this site out. If you happen to know , still check it out.

There are just far too many instances of biased reports and manipulation of images. I know these things have been happening with the whole Iraq war, Israel vs Palestine. This is certainly another level of attack on China using the media. We all know how naive some Americans can be, if you have seen this video.
C’mon CNN, stop lying.

"2012 Doomsday" the _worst_ movie ever!

I hate Christian propagandas! Even “I am legend” is little like that in the end, but this is just way too lame.
Here’s the most stupid line I’ve ever heard that is near the beginning of the movie.

“The earth’s rotation is slowing, due to the solar system’s alignment with the black hole in the center of the galaxy”
“I don’t know what’s causing it but our calculations tells us this is the only theory that makes any sense”

MY.. GOD.. that sounds like George Bush was behind the script writing.

Technologies I cannot live without.

Could I have lived my life the way I do now 10 years ago? I don’t think so. I only had my first mobile phone around ten years ago. Thankfully, the world do change in good ways (sometimes). Although I never had to worry about the petrol prices ten years ago.

In the last 10 years, communication speed and cost have improved exponentially.

I can now run a distributed development team across Australia, HK and China. Firstly, for political reasons, it is much harder to start companies in China 5 years ago. Now that China is heading to WTO, there’s less and less barriers to enter China. Also, only recently the 80s born have just graduated from University, this is the group of people that are grown with the internet. It would be much harder to find web development talents in China 5 years ago.

Crossing borders between HK and China, especially Shenzhen, has dramatically improved with the introduction of self-service finger print smart ID gateways. Direct bus service to shenzhen airport from HK with check-in service has just opened 2 months ago. Opening RMB account is alot simpler now than before.

With the new technologies like Skype , 3G, blackberries, I can communicate with anyone anywhere cheaply. I use the 3G mobile modem plan in Australia, I can basically work anywhere. In HK, there’s a new 3G skypephone plan that only launched 2 months ago and it gives 4000 mins / month on skype. Online applications are also useful for communication and collaborations, like basecamp, facebook, google reader (sharing feed items) ,

The power of the laptops and CPU are already over delivering. The size of the macbook pros with such great power is just unimaginable 10 years ago. Multi-touch technologies were only seen in research videos even just 3 years ago. From the walkmans to the ipod to the iphone is just amazing. Now I can pack all of my songs and work anywhere with a macbook + iphone. With this mobility empowerment, I think there’ll be alot more interesting ways on how people interact with each other. We’re not locked inside an office anymore. I would really like to see how will the office space change in the next 10 years.