Travelling to China from HK through Shenzhen airport (part 1)

Hong Kong and China are definitely changing fast and getting closer and closer. Travelling to China from Shenzhen is definitely cheaper because they are domestic flights. It used to be abit troublesome to go through Law Wu (罗湖)and take the K568 mini-bus. That trip always have road congestions and its abit hard to plan the timing. The mini-bus also feels abit unofficial…

Now there’s a new bus service that start from Kowloon MTR (C1 exit) station and goes directly to Shenzhen’s BaoAn Airport (深圳宝安机场). You can directly check-in from the Kowloon bus station if you are using e-ticket. The trip is about 75-90 mins and costs $90HKD one way or $160HKD return (within 1 month). It goes through the new Hong Kong-Shenzhen Western Corridor where you can cross border all in one roof. You get off with your luggage on the HK side, go through customs then the bus will pick you up on the China side. The company is – Chinalink (中港通) The bus schedule is every 30mins.

I’ll talk about where to buy these China domestic tickets and hotel bookings in part 2.


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