Life is like catching waves

When I’m at the beach, looking at the waves coming and going, it reminds me of life. Life is like catching waves. Some peopele are good at choosing which waves to catch. There’re big waves, there’re small waves and there’re fake waves. The bigger the wave, the harder you gotta paddle to catch it. The bigger the wave, the more dangerous it gets. Are you the bunch of people that enjoy floating up and down with the waves. Or do you enjoy catching the wave and sliding to the shore. Are you patient enough to wait for a big wave or you’re happy to experience a short push. Waves are never ending. How much time can you last in the water. Some people won’t even go into the water at all. Do you travel around the globe to find better waves. Are you game enough to try the extreme 10m waves. How do you catch the waves? body boarding, surf board or just on your own. Do you goto the beach for fun or work out? Did anyone teach you how to surf or you learnt it yourself. Everyone has their own style and preferences, just like our everyday life.


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