Ankoder (Encoder) – free demo

Officially announcing the launch of a new service that the team at RoRCraft has been working on for the past few months – Ankoder. It took us a few months because we’ve built it via our own transcoding server API. We’ve definitely learnt alot by developing a sample application through the API. We’ve added features like progress and secure callbacks.

Ankoder is a service aimed at developers that wish to develop their own online video applications. We feel that developers is the most often neglected segment of the market. Our aim is to make is as easy to use as possible, and not having to worry about scalability and stability. The business model will be similar to Amazon’s web services which charge a small fee on a granular per use basis. We believe this is the next era in software development where some fundamental services are outsourced to 3rd parties. Software development is a very new industry and cost cutting is the only way to keep up with today’s competition. Why does software still cost so much to develop today. More on this later …


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