Choosing the president by their website.

Interesting analysis of the candidate websites on ajaxian just by the javascript library they used. Obama and Hillary are clearly in the mainstream with high quality websites.

Barack Obama

Barack is trying to be inclusive by weilding Prototype, Scriptaculous, and jQuery in the same page. This is a risky approach as it adds weight, and could pit the rivals against each other.

Hillary Clinton

Hillary has also gone for Prototype and is using Ben Nolan’s Behaviour library to add JavaScript unobtrusively, and is wrapping her Flash with SWFObject.

John McCain

This is a bit of a party foul. A view source on McCain’s website shows you Dreamweaver all over. There are more MM_* functions than you can swing a monkey at.

These campaign websites are of very high quality. If compared to the last HK chief executive campaign websites, I would be embarassed. This maybe partly due to the amount of investment the Americans put into their campaign, but I’d love to see this level of quality in HK websites one day.


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