OSX Leopard is great, but…

1. My Lacie 500gb network drive that I use for backup stopped working and no driver updates yet.

“We are still qualifying all of our products with the new OSX version. Products that require no drivers typically are working without a problem (such as USB and Firewire drives), but units that require special setup (such as ED mini USB Networking) are not entirely functional yet. An update will be available as soon as possible to correct these types of issues. A final confirmation with Leopard is still pending.

In the meantime you can use the ED mini with standard Ethernet connection to your router or network.

Please also note that the new backup program with Leopard, Time Machine, will only work with an HFS+ formatted drive that are connected directly to the computer. This means that our current line of Ethernet products will not function.”

2. My HP Laserjet 3052 Scanner is not working and no new drivers. HP claimed to release new software in December but it didn’t happen.

HP’s drivers need updating for the scanner functionality to work. I found this doc on HP’s site that claims they’ll have a software release “at the end of December 2007” that “will be focused on All-in-One and Scanner drivers to provide scanning and faxing functionality.”


3. My mobile broadband modem couldn’t connect. Luckily that took about 3 weeks to fix.

I don’t understand why these standard interfaces could be broken so easily. Steve obviously forgot to mention these numbers in his keynote.


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