Facebook – how popular are you?

Facebook has spreaded in unbelievable ways. I have to admit, it is alot more stickier than friendster and the like. Now I hardly visit flickr and don’t need to google my own name to see how popular I am. I added this app called “compare people” and I’m quite surprised by the results. I really thought I’m more of a hard worker and athletic. But I wont complain about coming 2nd in “who would I rather live with” šŸ˜›

2nd in “Who would I rather live with”
5th in “Who is more popular”
6th in “Who am I more jealous of”
8th in “Who is kinder”
9th in “Who is more naturally talented”
102nd in “Who is more athletic”
109th in “Who is a harder worker”


One thought on “Facebook – how popular are you?

  1. Hello, Rex!

    Just want to say that you’ve got an interesting site (and personality). I’m no real ‘techie’ and obviously not in the same league as you – in Facebook nor real world, but been doing work with some guys who have same interests like you.

    Anyway, we’ve just set up our RoR site. I thought maybe you’d like to pique your curiosity and check them out.


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