Long time no post.

I have been very busy lately and I’ve abandoned this blog for quite sometime. Though I do have alot of things that I want to talk about and I just haven’t got the time and energy to blog. So what’s been happening lately?

Just last weekend I went to Railscamp! – first real camping event for ruby on rails enthusiasts. Lachie has some photos on his flickr account. Unfortunately I couldnt find my charger for my d70 😦 . It was the first time I saw so many macbooks at the same table. I had lots of fun hacking away and sharing ideas. Several people built some simple and fun apps on the camping framework, and I did a little one too. It is already on the agenda to have another one in November, hopefully I’ll have time to prepare a preso for that.

Recently I’ve also learnt a lesson in hiring. It is very difficult to hire the right person especially for a small company. I’m coming to see that extra resources that it requires to hire a few extra people. The management time for each employee can add up.

I’ve been working on a few rails apps for a while now. Two of them should be ready to launch pretty soon. I’ll surely be sparing some time to work on our own project after this. Just hang on until the last quarter of the year, we should have some good news soon.

I’m looking to hire a part designer / part ruby programmer, someone who can handle both front css/html and some rails development, is it too much to ask? If you’re one of these people and looking for a job, please contact me.