911 – A Conspiracy?

Recently saw a documentary on the conspiracy of 911 called “Loose change”. The evidence and theories are very convincing. The recent attention has been shifted to the climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming stuff. With a controversial US election coming up, it’d be interesting to how Rudolph Giuliani turns out.

The mysteries presented aren’t actually that shocking, because they’ve been the kind of questions I wonder about. Where’s the wreckage of the plane that hit the pentagon? How can the WTC tower of steel be melted into dust in 18mins of burning? Why haven’t they caught Bin laden but went into Iraq instead?

If you’re interested to find out more you can see the free videos at google.video.


The Earth hour.. A World's first.

I’m proud that Sydney is the very first city on this globe to start a city wide environmental friendly event – the earth hour. Last night, from 7:30pm – 8:30pm, all the business buildings turned their lights off. In continuing this trend there’s also another movement called “Lights off Australia” – The first Wednesday of each month has been designated Lights Off Australia night, when residents switch off lights and businesses turn off lights that aren’t required overnight.

I respect the efforts put into these events and I hope they do some good to the environment. However, I’m not quite sure if it saves much green house gas emission in return. What I saw from the news report is that restaurants and pubs were turning lights off but lighting up candles to light up the rooms. I would think burning candles would directly emit CO2 and is alot less energy efficient as fluorescence light.

Even though there’s criticism on Al Gore’s way of living, I have to give credit to him that he had a successful PR campaign and spread of the word to the world. I hear the word “green house gas” at least once a day after his release of “The inconvenient truth”. I was surprised to see even on a Chinese agile development mailing list, I saw this translation of some of the messages from the movie into Chinese.

Lastly, I wish to promote a new environmental news site, plantchange.com, developed by my friend, Luke Miller, who just came back from 1 yr of volunteer work at Mongolia.

“An Australian first one-stop news site seeks to
empower all Australians to contribute to the climate change debate and take
real action on this globally-important issue.

With the environmental debate moving so fast at the moment, plantchange.com
seeks to put Australians in the know and allow people to see what’s being
said – and done – by our politicians, businesses, community leaders and