The biggest Flex application on the planet.

I’m sure everyone has heard of this buzz word Flex flowing around alot, but has anyone actually seen and used one? I certainly haven’t, until now. The good thing is, it is developed in Australia! We’re so in the forefront of web innovations (sometimes). Australian Financial Review access application – is apparently the biggest Flex application on earth. From a bit of googling, I found that the project was started way back in Oct 2005 and launched in June 2006. I’m already 8 months behind.

I was quite impressed by the application. It seems to be working well for a while until I couldn’t use my scroll button to scroll down the page. How could they have missed that? I’m sure its achievable in Flash that you just need to listen for the scrolling events. The main purpose of the app is for reading text and a mistake like that is just unacceptable. Where are the usability consultants?


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