Javascript reserved keyword

I ran into a weird problem with Safari today. I named one of my function name ‘goto’ and Safari was complaining about javascript parsing issue while it worked fine on all other browsers. Beware of the reserved keywords even when they are not being used. ‘goto’ is actually reserved only for future use. This one is not as obvious as ‘int’, ‘integer’ etc. Take a look at the documentation at Mozilla site for detailed list of reserved keywords.

There’s other ones like :
abstract, debugger, transient, volatile, implements, protected, synchronized


Ruby on Rails job board relaunched.

One year on, I have redesigned and reluctantly I decided to remove some features. It started as my first play project with Ruby on Rails. I had a similar concept as the newly launched which includes all the profiles of rails developers in a nice way. The rubyonrails wiki had just too much spam and isnt a good way to search for Rails developers. Due to my lack of time to work on this, it wasn’t good enough to be promoted for massive use. So now I’ve just removed that feature and integrated with for the list of profiles and in turn simplified the job posting process. Anyone can post a job there for free and will last for 45 days, and don’t worry, you can login and delete your job posting as well. I encourage you to subscribe to the rss feed to receive the latest job postings. 🙂 - Ruby on Rails job board

2007 – annoucing RoRCraft

2007 started with the of 007 James Bond movie. It also marks the 10th year since I built my first webpage on geocities. Flash had its 10th year anniversary last year and made me quite nostalgic already with the tools and ways we used to build websites. Many things have changed and I’ve moved from Flash development to Javascript Ajax to Ruby on Rails. I can’t imagine what it’ll be like in the next 10 years after seeing the Apple’s iphone release. Looks like the mobile web revolution is truly about to begin.

I had a roller coaster year in 2006. I spent sometime traveling to Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Melbourne early in the year, and got back in touch with the ‘unplugged’ world. It was a good reflection to see what me and other people actually needed from the internet. Then I joined a ‘web 2.0’ startup that I regret. And for a month, I got summoned by the government for jury duty. That was actually a highlight of the year. One need to experience the emotions of a court case to feel the affects on people. The last quarter of the year I’ve been very busy on my freelance business and traveled to Hong Kong again to work on the project.

Now I’m happy to announce my company – RoRCraft. The name comes from a pun on Warcraft and RoR – Ruby on Rails. It means that we build Ruby on Rails application with great craftsmanship. We are now a team of two full time developers. Our services will focus on web 2.0 style application development. Our philosophy is value-driven development – where we take the practical approach to achieve highest results. For example, we are fussy about usability but we won’t throw a tantrum for the placement of an unrelated pixel. We spend time on the things that create most value for our customers and will do it right the first time. Get in touch with us if you need web solution that just works.


Also check out our blog for more updates.