Discovering Hong Kong

I’ve learnt some new things about Hong Kong on my recent trip. I have been quite busy working (partying) and didn’t get much time blogging. I’ll have an attempt to sum up the interesting things I’ve discovered during my stay.

y5zone – $79HKD (~14AUD) / month unlimited wifi hotspot access. This is quite a convenient for geeks like me and lets me get online in most shopping centres and food joints (KFC, Pacific Coffee, Starbucks). Other wifi access goodies are 3G, vodafone broadband to go, and fon. I also bought myself a fon router for $44HKD (~ $7.50AUD). Most landline broadband access are unlimited plans. Overall, getting online in HK is quite easy and cheap.

Carpooling Taxi – I lived in an area called Tseung Kwan O and would cost me $110 hkd to go home by taxi at night. Fortunately for the time that I party too hard, I found out there’s carpooling taxis from MongKok which only operate from midnight, and costs $25. Though you take this at your own risk as they speed very fast at tops of 110km/hr.

Fastfoods in HK are quite established. I enjoy my daily breakfast at Cafe de coral for $12hkd including a hot drink!

The MTR (subway) in HK is quite a reliable service. The unbelievable thing is that the train maintenance company is actually the same one as Sydney’s CityRail… Why does the two differ so much in terms of meeting the time table! For more info on wikipedia – United Goninan.

I had the chance to visit ITU (telecom conference) with free tickets from our friends, netbugs and Theo, (scicube) that we share office with. It was interesting to see one of the ‘biggest’ IT conference on the planet. I’ve put some photos on my flickr account.

Hong Kong is also great for hiking. I went with my friend’s friends and ran into my primary school friend there, such a small world. I haven’t seen him since year 5 but can still roughly recognise him πŸ™‚ . more photos here…

Lastly I got to meet up with a few web enthusiasts and some other famous people including Lee Ka Shing… πŸ˜›

My buddy Lee Ka Shing


2 thoughts on “Discovering Hong Kong

  1. If the name y5zone is a reference to ‘wifi zone’, I love it. I signed up for the netvigator service last year when I went for a month, it was ok at the local starbucks, but sometimes it just drops out and you can’t connect to it for a while.

    HK’s MTR/KCR is generally a fair bit more reliable than the trains in Melbourne too (except of course, when the KCR trains were falling apart earlier this year). While we’re talking about unbelievable things – its unbelievable that the Octopus card system was implemented by the same people ( who did Melbourne’s crappy Metcard system, and at around the same time too!

    Happy new year!

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