Omnidrive upgrading to hadoop 0.9.0?

They announced a “scheduled” downtime with 1 day notice “due to a system-wide upgrade and rollout of a new version of our storage cluster.” Co-incidentally there’s a post on the Hadoop mailing list by their developer…

I am running Hadoop 0.7.2 in a production environment and it has stored
~170GB of data.
I am using 4 nodes with 1.3TB storage each and the master node is not being
used for storage.

Couple of days back, I noticed an error where Hadoop was not accepting new
files, I mean the upload always failed, but download was still working

I read in the mailing list that this issues is resolved in 0.9.0, but I am a
bit skeptical about moving to 0.9.0 as I don’t know whether I will end up
loosing the files that are already stored. Kindly confirm this and I wil
move to 0.9.0 and also please tell me the steps or pre-cautions I should
take before moving to 0.9.0.

Seems like a lot of users are having problems uploading files on their support forum.

Hey and 4 months ago there’s apparently 30 nodes… Glad I’m out of the company.


One thought on “Omnidrive upgrading to hadoop 0.9.0?

  1. If Omnidrive is upgrading Hadoop 0.9.0 into their production system directly, then I wish them best of luck. I really hoped they have a series of staging machines with same system spec and environment to test, before pushing it to production machines. ~170GB worth of data should be easy to generate and test on.

    But sounds like they are not?

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