What a drama at 'the launch' of omnidrive.

What a drama at ‘the launch‘ of omnidrive.
update: they have already posted enough dummy post to push this post to page 2 and conveniently the link for page 2 doesn’t work!


It doesn’t set you up as a very trustworthy outfit for me to give all my files too.

Beta or not, you don’t make promises you can’t keep.

(http://web.omnidrive.com/RegisterUsers/signup.htm?pageParams=start) links to http://web.omnidrive.com which is the default TomCat page.

It’s a joke?????

Word of advise don’t make promises that you can’t keep it piss people off.

this just screams “Amateurs” to me.

I think your entire company is fraudulent. Your product is vaporware!!! You should spend less time on promotion/hype, and more on development and customer service.

I was asking the same questions!? and plenty more…
Though, there are alot of good comments on the web interface – thanks! 🙂

Anyway i must say that the new interface looks great and its working smooth and faster now, at least in Firefox. Grats for the work.

But, if I had to judge by the speed and ease of the web interface, then it’ll be an easy decision.

Your new web interface looks much better, but where are my files I uploaded a few week ago?

I love the interface ( web2 at its paramount) …..

Windows Client (A little hiccups are there 😉 ) Superb

The new interface looks great… But getting some issues with the Windows Client.


Heading to Hong Kong.

I have been quite busy lately with a Ruby on Rails project, the client is based in Hong Kong, so I’ll be going back to my home town next week! If anyone wants to catch up over there please drop me an e-mail. It seems like Hong Kong and China is picking up the web2.0 energy from the US, especially after the googtube deal, even mums and dads know about it now. Everyone asked me why didn’t I build a youtube. It’ll be some exciting times as the Chinese internet users surpasses English speaking users. Although the Great Firewall of China is still blocking quite a lot of stuff, I can’t imagine how they use the internet there.

Ruby and Rails are also picking up in the Chinese community. I’m hoping to meet any RoR developers in Hong Kong and form a user group to share knowledge and general gossips 🙂 I’ve been turning up to the Sydney ruby on rails user group meets, met some kick arse developers there 🙂

Also today marks the launch day of Omnidrive – the company I used to work for. I’m happy at least to see my work finally gets to see the day light, albeit still bitter from the whole experience. It would be one of my bigger mistakes in my life for trusting some people that I shouldn’t have. I won’t get into the details here.

For some humour to cheer you up! – google fashion.