I got ripped off by Apple store!!


I bought my first 17″ macbook pro with 2G Ram last week and only just received it 2 days ago. Now Apple just released the new macbook pro with a lower price and higher specs! The retail price was $4875AUD for me and the new price would be $4239 because it already comes with 2G Ram and 100G HDD 7200rpm is $160 cheaper. I called up Apple today and ask if I can get a refund. The answer I got back was “NO” – because I have upgraded my system to 2G ram and their policy is no refund for modified spec. What the!?

I have just lost $600 bucks in one day because I bought the macbook 2 days early. Why would Apple do this to their customer I don’t know, but I’m very furious. The return policy wasn’t made very clear at all when I bought system. I have always thought I could return within 14 days of purchase. This has changed my whole perspective to Apple and may not buy another Apple product ever again.

I would like to know if anyone else is in my situation and find out what we can do about it.

I would think Apple should have marked down the price of the old macbook pro before they release the new one with the cheaper price. Now my new macbook is 39% SLOWER and 15% MORE EXPENSIVE!! This kind of sales policy is just unbelievable!


3 thoughts on “I got ripped off by Apple store!!

  1. You could always Ebay it today, before the majority of people don’t know about the new release. I’ve heard of a few people trying that. But yes that does suck and is a bad business strategy. My iPod is utter trash and broke within the first few months. I would never ever buy an apple product. Sorry dude =

  2. umm… how is your mac any slower or any more expensive than it was 2 days ago? When you bought it you apperantly thought it was worth the price. Yeah it’s a bummer that you had a custom computer built for you and can’t return it to get the newest thing. But did you really expect Apple to never release anything to top it? Tip for next time, buy just the standard configuration and install the RAM yourself.

  3. This has been Apple’s policy for a long time, which is why I never custom order Macs. Personally, I would try to just enjoy to computer I ordered.

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