Hong Kong movie remade in Hollywood.

China has not been a great example of innovation or a leader in creativity. The recent blog post from a Microsoft employee claiming a Chinese site ‘stealing‘ their design has caused quite a stirr in the blogosphere. The blog post has subsequently changed title to a softer tone and actually got removed now. Despite all that, Hong Kong is also capable of great innovation and entrepreneurship like anobii, bullpoo, editgrid as reported by Angus Lau.

This new Hollywood movie ‘The departed’ is actually a remake of a popular Hong Kong movie, ‘Infernal affairs’ from 2002. Hong Kong’s movie industry has been at a low since that series, and not very much good films were created. Since the economy was hurt by SARS and movie stars and directors moving overseas to work in Hollywood, HK is lacking the big budget and market required for a new breed.

I recommend playing them together side by side.

Here’s the sequel if you can’t wait for the hollywood version. 🙂


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