Australian web 2.0 and more.

I’ve been meaning to uncover some of the talents in the web industry of Australia. Forgive me if I’ve missed anyone, you can blame me for not already spending enough time to do more research.


These guys are most well known in the Java community. Their bug tracking system, Jira, is used in most open source Java projects and is very popular across the world. Their wiki software, Confluence, is also very popular and is a leader in wiki functionality and UI design. They received the Deloitte Fast 500 Award earlier this year.

Mail Server: Webmail Client Software on Linux, Unix, Windows. Their product looks quite stable with nice UI, should be a strong competitor with Zimbra in the hosted email client sector.

BigWorld Technology
These guys are on the edge of computer games development. Their products include 3D client, advanced load-balancing server and world building tools.

Pandora Squared
One of the first companies to use Ruby on Rails. They have a social networking software with asia pacific clients. They’ve a software team in Philippines, although from word of mouth, there might be some hiccups within the company.

‘Web 2.0’

Remember the milk
A simple but powerful web application for managing task list. It is only runned by 2 people.

Campaign Monitor
Email campaign application. Although the product might not sound very innovative, this company has done it with perfection. They tackled the market targeting to the web designers first and the usability and design of the application is just excellent. One of my favorite Australian web applications.

Small team focused on transforming rss to email newsletter.

Zapr – Really Simple Sharing
File sharing software with social aspects… I haven’t had a need to try it yet 😛

Multiple platform file storage – desktop, web, api. I was employed by them for a while. They have been in private beta since start of the year. There’s also a majority development team in India.

Australian blog search…


Legion Interactive
They are the main player in the sms voting product, a leader in the mobile application industry.

Quite a young company focusing on flashlite development.

A platform for adding widgets on the mobile phone. You can find out more from their website.


I can’t say much about these…

Tangler –

TILEFILEâ„¢ — Welcome to TILEFILE, the Corporation behind GRIDMOâ„¢ & GRIDIOTâ„¢ …“Share Your World”â„¢

Genbook – generic booking system.


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