Omnidrive web interface screenshot

My secret project for the last few months has been working on this new interface for Omnidrive. We have taken ideas from Windows XP, Vista, and MacOsX. There’s still some work to do to refine the design, but I’m very happy with the ajax enhanced interactions. Check out the post from TechCrunch for more analysis. I’m happy to hear any suggestions on this layout.

Update: Thanks to all the old friends that contacted me when they saw this article on SMH. I guess it’ll be over in 36 hours afterall –
A study shows online news will be barely read by anyone 36 hours after it was first posted.


One thought on “Omnidrive web interface screenshot

  1. hi rex,
    i like the interface, it makes user feel comfortable, and want to keep exploring your site and can stay longer in your site. Good work mate! btw, i also found that you are unsw graduate. I also graduate from unsw rex. Good luck for your new project Rex!

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