Where is the Yahoo browser?

Browser war 2.0 is between Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!. Influencing the browser can bring huge benefits to the underlying company. You can set the default search engine, start page and plugins. Google is the big supporter behind firefox. Google is the default search engine. Now they are starting to release value added plugins such as the notebook, synch. Firefox is almost branded as a google product. It is a very good way to secure the number of user base.

Where is Yahoo’s browser? Yahoo has been desparately forcing users to install the yahoo toolbar which comes packaged with alot of popular downloads, such as the flash plugin. I was actually quite impressed by the Yahoo tool bar on IE, which provides tab based browsing and it feels almost like firefox. I think Yahoo is in a very weak position to compete in the browser war. They are trying their best to partner with the minorities – flock and maxthon. Will they succeed in sharing a part of the pie? I doubt they’ll ever make it to the mainstream. I think yahoo should start partnering with opera browser for mobile to dominate the mobile market. In 2-3 years time, I’m sure we’ll see another mobile browser war. Hopefully they’ll be in a better position then.


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