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Can people be taught to be entrepreneurs?

My answer is no. It is the same as asking “Can people taught to be a designer?”. I think the entrepreneural passion needs to be born with, just like the designer sense. A young designer can be taught to be a better designer from formal training but its very hard to teach someone to be a great designer.

So I think we should get on with work and provide more resource for entrepreneurs to do their work rather than helping people who aren’t meant to be entrepreneurs to learn what it takes to be one.

Can people be taught to be managers?

My answer is yes. It is still very hard to teach someone to be great managers as there are no set guidelines. It is also because of that, it is hard to say who is a great manager. Different companies of different size and industry faces different problems and has different set of employees. However the goal are the same – maintain profit and growth and keep the employees happy. Good management requires good people skills. People skills can be taught, they just need more practise. Managers can achieve the same goals with in their own styles.


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