Railsjob.com is live…

I’ve just deployed my railsjob app that I did from 4 months ago, since I got a new host account at site5. It has yet to have the first user sign up and publish their profile and someone posting a job there. We’ll see who does it first, it doesnt look all the useful with nothing on it 🙂

I’ve been ‘freelancing’ full time for a while now, and it is tougher than I originally thought. There are work out there but most of the time I don’t hear back after giving a quote. I certainly don’t want to under charge and I don’t think I’m really charging all that much, considering I need to cover my expenses! meetings, quotes, emails, support… are all part of the business. Another problem I have is because I am capable at both front end and backend, in face I’m quite an all rounded person. I am having the same problem in my business as I’m often confused at what I direction I should be heading. Do I make mobile apps? flash apps? ajax apps? ruby on rails? usability consulting? Finding a goal for my business and sticking to it is my first priority now. I’m going to reject all php, open source software customisation type jobs. I’m really sick of customising oscommerce type stuff. Hopefully I can stick to ruby on rails as the main technology of my business. Having a strong mind is very important I my opinion.

The last thing I blogged was about improving the human computer interaction. I think we have an answer. Nintendo’s wii http://wii.nintendo.com/, has super cool controller that lets u swing and shake that can control sword games, tennis games etc. Will the next innovation of HCI be driven by the game industry. Will anyone apply the technology on the mundane office computer tasks? There’s alot of potential in this area. There’s a target of having robots playing real life soccer in 50yrs time, but how many to go before I can stop using my mouse!?