Back from holidays

I’ve learnt alot after my trip to Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. I’ve managed to stay away from the computers / internet most of the time and still had an enjoyable time. The more I work with computers the stronger I feel about the fundamental UI of them. When I do have the time and resource I really hope I can liberate everyone from sitting infont of screens and keyboards all day. A day of work for most people in offices these days mean a day of sitting, mousing and typing. This is totally unbiological. We should invest more time in UI that are more natural to the human being rather than too concerned about UI of a website, windows etc. The fundamentals of using a mouse and looking into a screen are already too hard for most people. Will there ever be a day in my lifetime when we can interact virtual objects by hand and work with tangible 3d objects rather than pointing and clicking with the mouse….

I’ve also waken up from the web2.0 hype. The web is very addictive and web2.0 is becoming a over hyped idea – for people who use the web all the time. Web2.0 relies on internet addicts socialising and sharing information, but how good is the quality of these information? There’s alot more high quality information in magazines, books and tv shows. When will web2.0 apps harvest those information? What is the real purpose of the internet for the general public. I can see a great potential in mobile internet. Most general users have a mobile phone with them all the time vs a computer / laptop. Why spend so much time on websites when most people only spend 5secs skimming through it?

I hope that mobile internet will become more affordable than pc internet soon. I don’t think anyone enjoys sitting in front of a pc all day… I certainly don’t.