On holidays

After coming back from Melbourne trip and a weekend away to Jervis bay, I’ve been getting lazy with my blog and work lately. Today, I finally got around to do my company tax return… Soon I’ll be off to a short 5 days at korea and then Hong Kong and hopefully Japan if time and money allows. I’ll be back by April~

The pace of the new ‘web 2.0’ startups is overwhelming. As much as I’m excited at seeing some of my ideas being release before I have the time to do anything, I’m also weary of how many startups there are competing. Most of them are targeting the lower end disruptive market – small businesses, they are simple and streamlined at small specific tasks. After reading (still reading) ‘Seeing what’s next’ by Dr. Christensen, I’ve got a clearer picture (I think) of who will become successful. Alot of these services can be easily replicated. There are literally hundreds of social networking sites, tag based bookmarking sites, ‘Ajax’ rss aggregators. These are all really over crowded, they might get acquired if they have good user base and do things well – usability/designs etc and if they have enough money to keep sustaining improvements in competition. I do believe the entreprenuers with a better chance are in the mobile space. I’m not surprised in 2 years the only start ups standing are mobile related companies.


My first Rails app

I’m continuously amazed at the ease of use of rubyonrails as I was building my first ‘learning’ app. It took me about a week and i was able to provide ajax search, user login, edit forms without writing a single line of SQL or javascript. Have a look at it here – http://www.railsjob.com

I might continue to add a bit more features and wrap it up. Then I’ll start a new app codename *secret*. There’s still alot to learn for test driven development with rails and proper deployment configurations so I can update the site with ease. But I’m pretty happy with Rails so far.