Time management

How do you manage your time pretty much tells what your routine in life will be. Until recently I didn’t quite understand what time management was really about. It’s not until I was actually running out of time that I’ve learnt it’s all about PRIORITIES. I am a person who multiple interests and I do get addicted into my hobbies e.g. photography, basketball, web, singing, reading.. I am not afraid to try new things and I am very much a yes person to everything.

My past believe in good time management was doing as much as things as I possibly could. It just didn’t work. I wasn’t going anywhere with all that hobbies. I could go out everynight after work and had something to do, could be a class, dinner with friends, basketball etc etc. But after a year I felt like I really didn’t do much constructive.

What I really need to do now is learning to say no. Work out what are my priorities in life and stick to them. I think I’m better at saying no these days. Learning to say no is quite challenging for me seriously 🙂 Well I’ve done it to my manager so I can work on more time worthy things.


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